Brand Identity + Collateral 

Calcean was a new company to the bio-plastics industry. Their material was unique, in that it was a renewable mineral harvested from the ocean and used to displace petrochemicals in plastics, making it a very sustainable plastic filler. From Logo and brand identity to trade show booth design and implementation, KKD was able to transform this brand from an idea to a major player in the plastics industry.

Projects Included:

Logo Design | Brand Identity + Guidelines | Business Cards | Email Signatures | Product Photography | Product Booklets | Sales & Marketing Kits | Trade Show Booth Design | Sample Kit Designs + Fulfillment

All designs, paper selection, sourcing and fulfillment was done by Katie Kashiwa Designs. 


Logo Design + Brand Identity

The logo design for Calcean was inspired by the formation of their unique mineral Oolitic Aragonite, which is naturally harvested in the ocean.

Product Booklets

Calcean’s main product line is a material called BioCal which is used as a sustainable filler for the plastics industry. The products formation, harvesting, processing and application is very technical, so KKD created a BioCal Booklet with an in-depth explanation of all processes from creation to implementation. This booklet was sent to distributors and customers as a sales and marketing tool.

Tradeshow Booth Design

As part of the re-branding campaign, KKD created a custom trade show booth design. From flooring selection to custom designed backdrops and surfboards. KKD handled all creative and fulfillment. Scroll to see trade show booth from mockup to physical show setup.